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Earlier my son-in-law Maarten made his "Moire-Art Maarten" with his 3D printer. I only made the metal gear for that. Click here for the relevant page.
I have now also made my version of it with the modeling materials and techniques available to me. Only the two moire discs are made of plastic and are made by Maarten with his 3D printer. He also supplied me the miniature electric motor that he bought from Aliexpress.
Below a few images and the YouTube video.

Driving mechanism and the miniature electro motor

There are two pulleys on the motor shaft, the lower one is screwed to it and the upper one rotates freely on a ball bearing. The other two pulleys are fixed on two horizontal concentric axes, rotating in each other. One axis spins the inner moire disc, the other axis the outer disc. A small rubber rubber band is wrapped around the four pulleys, which has a thickness of 2 mm and an unstressed diameter of approximate 50 mm. My rubber band has a rectangular cross-section, which makes it run less smoothly over the pulleys. A string with a perfectly round cross-section would be better, but I don't have one. Maarten has bought a number of them at Aliexpress and I will get one from them one time.
With this construction, the two discs rotate in the opposite direction at a speed of 10 rpm.


Below the YouTube video:


Do not ask me for the meaning of this thing, judge for yourself. It is just what you like.

Thanks to Maarten for his cooperation.

I also made a CAD drawing package from this thing that is freely available for anyone interested, click here for a request.